These Entrepreneurs Are Making Hajj & Umrah Easier for Americans

I went for Umrah for the first time last year and, unfortunately, I was not as well-prepared as I thought I was. After arriving in Mecca, I realized that I needed to shop for some supplies, which was a major inconvenience because I was there for the purpose of worship. The shops were far from our hotel, and we didn’t find everything we needed because a lot of what was being sold was just souvenirs.

InshaAllah whenever I go again next time, I hope to shop online in advance, rather than using whatever supplies I have lying around. The only issue is that 1) most of the websites with Hajj & Umrah supplies are not based in America, so the shipping rates are very expensive, and 2) if I shop somewhere like Amazon, I’ll have to search for each item individually and may forget to buy some things (or not even realize that I need them).

So when I learned about, a website which offers free shipping in the US and has all of the Hajj/Umrah essentials clearly laid out in a single space, I knew it was a game-changer. They also sell things like Islamic wall art, which I can give as a gift to someone who has recently returned from Hajj or Umrah.

In the exclusive interview below, Mohammed and Fatir, co-founders of Our 5th Pillar, give future Hajj and Umrah-goers the low-down on their online store.

Tell us about your business: What is Our 5th Pillar, and who is your target audience?

Our 5th Pillar was established with one goal: to help Muslims in America find good quality Hajj and Umrah essentials at affordable prices. As the excitement builds up and you prepare for this blessed journey, all you need to focus on is your ‘ibaadah (worship). You no longer need  to scramble the marketplace in Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj essentials. Our mission is to provide an easily accessible platform for Muslims in North America and all over the world to purchase the goods they require. Travel with confidence knowing your Ihram and accessories have been purchased from Our 5th Pillar. Now you can go to Makkah all prepared and ready for this blessed journey.

You no longer need  to scramble the marketplace in Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj essentials.

What inspired you to launch this online store?

Our 5th  Pillar was started by just two young guys who, after saving up to go do their first Umrah together, encountered a small issue that many tend to overlook. We realized that finding an ihram wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. We landed directly in Jeddah and hopped on a bus to Makkah, not fully knowing that we are not allowed to get in the state of Ihram within the boundaries of Makkah. Because of not knowing this important piece of information, we lost almost half a day just traveling back and forth to be able to purchase and get into the state of Ihram. From this experience, Our 5th Pillar was created.

We have taken it into own hands to help other people avoid the same issues we dealt with. We realized that many people who were leaving for Hajj/Umrah had absolutely no idea where to purchase their ihrams and other supplies from. After doing a lot of research, we decided to take it into our own hands to offer a solution.

What do you feel distinguishes Our 5th Pillar from other hajj/umrah stores?

Our 5th Pillar is the first online-based Hajj/Umrah Accessory store based out of Dallas, Texas. We offer free shipping for all of our products throughout the United States. Our main concern is to help the pilgrims leaving from the US so they can have a stress-free trip. We even offer huge discounts and savings for people needing more than 2 pieces for ihrams (wholesale pricing).

No matter how big or small an issue is, we should take the stance in fixing it. It is our duty as Muslims to help our community out as much as we can.

Does Our 5th Pillar offer other products besides of Hajj/Umrah gear, for those not planning on going in the near future?

Our 5th Pillar doesn’t only aim for customers who are leaving for Hajj/Umrah; we also cater to the Muslim families living throughout the US. Whether you are looking for something to complete your outfit or decorate the walls in your homes, we have it all! Hijab pins, Islamic calligraphy wall decor, and quality prayer beads are also some products that we offer. Our brooches can be utilized as hijab pins, decor, and accessories to put on your bags. These items make the perfect gift for your loved ones!

What message or advice would you like to give to other aspiring Muslims?

Our message to other aspiring Muslims would be take initiative in solving a problem. No matter how big or small an issue is, we should take the stance in fixing it. It is our duty as Muslims to help our community out as much as we can. Our 5th Pillar has an end goal of starting our own non-profit organization specifically aimed towards sending unprivileged Muslims to complete one of the main pillars of Islam, which is Hajj. InshaAllah with the help of Allah and our supporters, we aim to launch it by the end of this year!

Click here to shop at Our 5th Pillar. You can also support our growing business by sharing our website with your friends and family.

Please email us directly at for wholesale pricing.

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