The Help of Allah

“Have you really assumed that you’re going to enter Jannah, just like that? And the things that came to the people who came much before you- difficulty and hard times touched them, and the earth beneath their feet was shaken, until even the Messenger at that time and the believers with him would say, ‘When is Allah’s help coming?’ No doubt, the help of Allah is near.” (2:214)

Sometimes you hit rock bottom in life, and it seems as though the sun will never shine on you again. As if you’re in the eye of a hurricane, and there’s destruction coming at you from all sides. And your mind is so clouded with uncertainty and fear, you’re becoming claustrophobic within your own self. As if your very existence is dependent upon the outcome of this overwhelming hardship that you’re in, and nobody is there to help you as you chase a mirage of contentment. Falling off the edge of the cliff, towards the darkness below: failure, loss, terror… You desperately shout out one last time, from the very depths of your soul, although your rational side is telling you that it’s far too late- nobody can save you now. Weary from the struggle, you prepare to let go of the final shred of hope you’ve been clinging on to for so long…

Then God catches you.

He wants us to turn to Him before He grants us a way our of our hardships. Call out to Him, knowing with full certainty that He will respond. And He will. The only way to lose to the hardship is to lose hope in Allah. Look for Him, through it all. His Hand is in everything. Yes, this too. He’s so near.

The only way to lose to the hardship is to lose hope in Allah.
May Allah (swt) grant us a way out of our all hardships with ease, and help us get closer to him through the struggle. May He always help us realize that we’re not calling out to Him in vain- that His help is closer than we can imagine. And may He help us remember that we’re never burdened beyond what we can bear. Ameen.

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