“My Parents Hate Me.”

These are the first words that came up in a Google search starting with “my parents.” The fact that it’s the most common search result shows that it’s not just people with extreme circumstances who are thinking this way. Somewhere along the journey to becoming adults, we forget that to our parents, it seems like yesterday when they were watching us move in an ultrasound; or marveling at how we were finally strong enough to physically lift our own heads up while they held us in their arms; or having their fingers gripped by our tiny hands as we took our first steps.

It’s high time we started acting like the mature adults we claim to be, and showed some patience, gratitude, and humility to the people who deserve the best from us.

Narrated by Abu Huraira (ra): The Messenger of Allah (saws) said, “He who does not thank people, has not thanked Allah.” [Tirmidhi]

Our parents put so much time, effort, money, blood, sweat, and tears into raising us. They literally lost sleep over us. They wiped our bottoms when we couldn’t do it ourselves. They sacrificed years and years of their lives in order to build ours, without keeping a record so we could pay them back. They went through marital struggles for us, many of which wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t putting us before themselves. They spent their precious youth, those priceless years that never come back, giving us everything that they felt was best for us. And what;s mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg.

The least we can do is to show them some respect.

“Your Master declared that you be enslaved to and worship no one except Him; and you’d better be the best to your parents, even if they reach old age before you, one of them or both of them; then don’t you dare even say ‘uff’ to them (or show any form of annoyance or impatience), and don’t shrug them off; and you’d better speak, especially to both of them, with noble and respectful speech. Lower your wings of humility and powerlessness before them, out of mercy and compassion; and say, ‘My Master, have mercy on both of them, like they took care of me when I was small.'” (17:23-24)

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